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ICYMI: If you rent, you need CUB's Renter Utility Guide. Going solar in an apartment? Weatherizing your rental home? Looking for a new place but don't know the questions to ask? We've got answers. Get your copy here: https://t.co/XXn2HQc90T

Good story in the Chicago Tribune about the consumer benefits of the Climate & Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA): $4,000 electric car rebate; $9,000 in savings on a solar roof; money-saving community solar programs and expanded energy efficiency. https://t.co/KoYPbi7vvz

Did you know that renters spend about 45 percent more for energy per square foot than homeowners? This winter will be an expensive one, so practice energy efficiency and weatherize when you can. Download a copy of CUB's Guide for Renters and learn more: https://t.co/QOrGfAtjpY

Did you know 26 million low-income households in the US still reside in homes that are burning costly health-damaging & climate-disrupting #fossilfuels? New report from @RockyMtnInst shows a holistic approach to electrifying housing in these communities:

Decarbonizing Homes - RMI

To meet U.S. climate goals and protect public health, we need to comprehensively retrofit low-income households through beneficial electrification.


The ICC's Safety and Reliability Division seeks to hire two (2) JULIE Investigators in Springfield, Illinois. For information about this position, please visit https://t.co/Vk4WpXelmS
#Jobposting #ILjobs #IllinoisCommerceCommission

We’ve established 155 acres of pollinator friendly habitats throughout our service territory so native pollinators, turkeys and other ground nesting birds can thrive.

The federal govt. predicts Midwesterners who use natural gas could pay 48.6% more to heat their homes this winter. See the table: https://t.co/NTDKXgNuTK Read the @EIAgov's short term energy outlook: https://t.co/jR1lGr6JqJ

CUB tells @chicagotribune: “It’s going to be a very expensive winter." https://t.co/6sibaTLq3y Prepare now, visit CUB's Help Center: https://t.co/G4QhXoGGJk

We're almost halfway through October and we still have a bunch of events taking place this month to provide you with important tips and information on energy efficiency and more. Check them out here: https://t.co/HvU0aAmFYi

¡Vea los comentarios completos de Dulce sobre la firma del proyecto de ley CEJA! “Hoy es un día histórico en el estado de IL...esta ley crea una economía de energía limpia, de-carboniza el sector eléctrico para el año 2045 y crea programas de equidad y justicia económica.”

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