Purpose: A focus of the Income Qualified (IQ) Advisory Committee is to gather input on the design, evaluation, and marketing of low-income Energy Efficiency (EE) Programs. Participating in the Committee and submitting your feedback supports this effort. The Committee works to make sure that the design of IQ programs is as responsive as possible to the needs of low-income communities. Thus, your participation allows the Committee to identify opportunities that provide more community-driven approaches and improve the performance of energy efficiency programs for IQ customers. In addition to providing feedback at Advisory Committee meetings, this Form gives Community-Based Organizations (CBO) and Community Action Agencies (CAA) the opportunity to submit feedback on existing IQ program design and recommend additional areas for improving the delivery, marketing and utilization of these programs.

CBO and CAA participants are invited to submit:

  1. Feedback on current IQ programs
  2. Ideas or approaches, such as a new program approach or a new measure that has been successfully implemented in other states
  3. Innovative ideas that could be researched and incorporated into existing program design
  4. Considerations regarding IQ communities

Completed Program Design and Delivery Forms will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Current IQ Programs:

To review a detailed list of current IQ programs provided by each utility, follow the links below:

Please contact the IQ Facilitator if you have any questions about completing the feedback form: Annette.Beitel@FutEE.biz

Questions to consider: Will this feedback resolve an issue with an existing IQ EE program? Will the proposed change increase IQ customer participation and result in increased energy savings? Will this reduce costs to deliver an IQ program? Will this increase IQ customer satisfaction? Is this program design idea scalable and replicable? Will this help increase program penetration? What are the existing gaps with the current program and how will your idea address these gaps?

Questions to consider: Are there areas that you know of where this idea been successfully implemented? Do you have information on eligible IQ customers, participation achieved, and/or savings achieved? Do you have access to additional information describing the successful idea or program approach?

Questions to consider: What level of impact could this idea have on current IQ EE programs?